I guess I'm not really sure.

What a cute couple!

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Roderick parked as close to Steen's apartment building as he could.

She drives an old Yugo.

What's this street called?

He was out of breath.

Do you believe Isabelle's accusations against Jaime?

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I will take my mother out in my new car tomorrow.

Rajesh answered the policeman's questions.

It's for you to decide.

To life!

Have you ever kissed a girl?

That looked like fun.

The king always wears a crown.

Let him that would move the world, first move himself.

Button it!

I don't have much time. Would you please hurry up?

Why is love so complicated?

Can you tell barley from wheat at first sight?

As I have learned English and French at school, it hasn't been hard for me to understand some words in Esperanto, even without having learned them.

Just find her.

The Latino voting bloc in the US is increasingly a force to be reckoned with.

You have a job, don't you?

They're all fucking mental.

His goal is to become a millionaire.

Don't ever laugh at your wife's choices, because after all you're one of them.


That name sounds familiar.


I don't want to be presumptuous.

I washed my T-shirt.

Bob said to his friend: "What a looker".

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Surya and Sir spoke quietly so they wouldn't wake the baby.


Sean runs three or four miles a day.

I was concerned about Travis.

We had a little argument.


Did you think about it?


Dan saw Linda talking to an unknown man outside her home.

What's life like where you live?

Kids and fools always tell the truth.

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Can you help me with my French?

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Where did you put them?

I waved good bye and then walked away.

It is time my son came home from school.

What can be changed?

After he left school, he went to London.

Molly is a brave man.

He wrote letter after letter to universities all across America until somebody, somewhere answered his prayer for a better life.


I have some serious problems.

Let's see if we can work out our problems by ourselves.

We'll decide it like men, bring the dice!

Sandy found a good job near his house.

I'm going to buy the bilingual dictionary next Saturday.

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Your right taillight is busted.

Is it true that Shannon doesn't like Pratapwant?

I think this is dumb.

As Russia and the U.S. make small steps towards easing international tensions, both sides will have many surplus missiles.

Honestly, what time do you plan to sleep until? It's already noon!


Japan relies on Arab countries for oil.

I hid under the table.

I'm sure that's true.

God be with you.

Are you ready to start your journey?

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The whole world understands my language.

Say what you have to say.

One must draw the line somewhere.

I've thought of it a lot.

You're afraid?

I will return to this house victorious!

Cindy left the front door open when he left.

Australia is smaller than South America.

This, really, isn't important.

Dean wasn't very good.

Where's Polly working now?


Can't you see what just happened?

It is necessary for you to start now.

But nobody believed me.

Mr. Tanaka is not at his desk right now.

David can speak French fluently.

He must be crazy to treat his parents like this.

We waited for the news with a lot of anxiety.

I'll never find a keyboard patch that actually sounds like an electric guitar.

Please, keep a stiff upper lip.

Her idea is very similar to mine.

I'm expecting you.

The thing that Claude is most afraid of, believe it or not, is sleeping and not being able to wake up.

Lynn isn't studying French now.

Hello, Olof. Good morning.

This painting will pass for genuine.


Don't squander your newly earned money!


What doesn't kill me makes me stronger.

It's always hard to say goodbye.

Why doesn't Shuvra pay any attention to me?

This morning I missed the 8:30 train by five minutes.

Who cares about me?

I'm waiting for a very important call.

I can do without this.

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Art was in its golden age in Venice during the Renaissance.


Maybe I should give you a hand.

If you tell a lie, Lord Emma will rip out your tongue.

This watch was handed down to me by my grandfather.

Don't back off.

He wouldn't give his name.

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Russell thinks you'll enjoy this.

I didn't expect to succeed, but somehow I managed to carry it off.

In Tatoeba it makes no sense adding hundreds of sentences if they are not validated by native users.

Do you want me to talk to Brandy about that?

In the United States of America, a woman on average only has three children.


He sat in on some of the board's policy-making meetings.

I do not understand the problem; I could make neither head nor tail of it.

I prepared breakfast for myself.

Why don't you try this? It's delicious, you know!

He solved the problem effortlessly.

They were on sale.

We keep the empty bags under the sink.

Let's share this money.

My boss is not satisfied with my TPS reports.

Only Chernobyl comes to mind whenever I think about the Ukraine. Oh, and Serhiy Nazarovych Bubka, right?

Dad uses fire to roast a chicken.


I tried to call her back.

I thoroughly enjoyed that book.

He chose to take the stairs rather than the elevator.

He rested his tired limbs.

We became very close.

Look at the sports car over there.

You're so young.

I don't know if I can help.

Do you remember your license plate number?

Barry and Naoto agreed to work together.

I'll give this to you if you want it.

Seek and you shall find, what is unsought will go undetected.

Did you bring what you promised you'd bring?

Aaron hasn't had much education.

He seemed to conceal the fact.

The coach made the players run five miles a day.

I'm beginning to realize that myself.


Centrists can be just as extreme as activists on the far left or right.

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That's how it should be.

I think these attitudes are behind the times.

We'll arrive about one hour before Terry gets there.

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This restaurant won't do.


Ole and Ruth decided to go see a scary movie.


You shot her.

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I'm not softening them.

You must come back before it gets dark.

I make it a rule to read books in the library on Saturday.


I study English half an hour every day.

What color are the tiles?

I can't hear myself speak.

Tyler takes care of himself.

Bret is the father.

He is telling us what he did in the summer vacation.

Duane died when I was very young.

I studied it thoroughly.

You will find that book in the historical section of the library.

I can't stand this cold anymore.

She's a professional photographer.

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Put your hands against the wall.

Cotton mittens will prevent the baby from scratching her own face.

We went with him on that plan.

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The flood deposited a layer of mud.


Howard folded the napkins carefully.


I can't stand his comments.


That girl isn't stupid.

Wilmer is my favorite singer.

His dad calls him Rainer.


Andre doesn't love Ernest.